India achieved a major cricketing glory by winning the 1983 World Cup. It filled the nation with pride and joy. In 2011, the entire country was pumped and confident to win it for the 2nd time (the home advantage instilled even more confidence!). The expectations of the country were fulfilled and we experienced the sweet feeling of victory for the second time. The 2023 edition of the World Cup was again played in India. This time too, our cricket crazy nation rooted for victory and to achieve a hat-trick. We felt victory would possibly a high probability due to the favorable factors: home advantage, in form team, unbeaten through the series et al. Alas, by the end of the Final we didn’t experience the tears of victory but the tears of a brutal defeat!

In our lives, the FINALS of life is represented by the Retirement phase. Winning this FINAL is extremely crucial. However, winning it in ‘today’s times and tomorrow’ is probably not going to be as easy as the ‘yester-years’. Here is some food-for-thought to make you ponder; become serious and extremely focused to ensure you turn out victorious in the ‘WORLD CUP OF LIFE’.

1). If we look from the perspective of Time: roughly 20-25% of your life is devoted to education. Specialization will probably demand a higher chuck to become more competitive in today’s time. So around 30% (or even more) goes towards preparation and education. The retirement phase constitutes around 15-20% of your life. This phase will also expand in terms of time, courtesy medical advancements and lifestyle enhancers. Thus, we only have around 40-50% of your time, to earn through enterprise and create savings. But here is a dark truth which we don’t want to face. The advent of AI and other technologies, will make companies more profitable but probably at the cost of humans losing jobs? The ‘pie-of-productivity’ will possibly shrink and the remaining two pies will expand! Thus, it becomes imperative to focus on investing for your retirement and enhancing our skills to ensure we remain competitive and not a victim of the possible threats to employment/business. What good would it be to have an expanded retirement phase without the cushion of savings and new-age skills?

2). India currently does not provide any social security. Furthermore, all savings options, even Government initiated, will become ‘less liberal’ and will broadly be ‘mapped to market’. Thus, we are possibly in an era where we cannot expect liberal terms, sops and freebies! It will become imperative to select the right investment avenues carefully either on your own or with the help of a trusted aide.

3). Lastly, the explosion of the Internet and data has not made Investing 100% easy. It has even jumbled, intimidated and confused us even more in choosing right options! In fact, the ease and comfort of investing too has also given us a fall sense of expertise and feeling of winning the Investing game easily. It is prudent that ease and easy availability is worth nothing if it doesn’t result in optimal choices.
My aim all along was not to ‘scare and intimidate’ but to show ‘care and instigate’! I don’t want to end here by ringing warning bells but also share an action-plan for victory.

1). Condition and discipline yourself to give savings and investments a priority. Chart out your goals and immediately start saving/investing through the right avenues. Dedicate your time and savings towards them. Don’t procrastinate (one extreme) or make desperate moves (another extreme) to achieve your goals.

2). Become mentally strong and focused to not become a victim of indiscipline, distractions and lures of quick riches. Understand your life’s situation, your resources and make choices accordingly. Stick to the choices made and the tailor-made plan and process which you create for yourself. Furthermore, don’t let market movements, alone, dictate your investment choices. Don’t be a slave to the markets but efficiently exploit them.

3). Lastly, focus on enhancing your skill-sets and polishing your talents. We must ensure to make our careers/businesses robust with the pursuit of specialized, relevant and vital skills. Besides this, the ‘gig economy’ of today can and will provide other exciting avenues of earning/employment besides our regular day jobs/businesses (Think digital businesses, social media and much more). Remember, you or some expert can only help you secure your future if you have capital to invest. No capital means no investments means no growth!

To end with a cricketing corollary, a cricketer needs a physio (to keep him fit), psychiatrists and psychologists(to keep him mentally fit) an a coach(who helps him bring out and enhance the skills embedded in him). Even the greatest of players need a Team! To help you win the finals of life, at least in terms of investing, you can possibly find a ‘Friend-Philosopher-Guide’ in me. What better mix than a person who cares for your success and is backed by a world-class organization.
Do feel free for a discussion anytime…Let us win the FINALS together! Remember…we are here to ‘WIN THE FINALS’ and not end ‘RETIRED (BUT) HURT’!